SHOCK: DOCTORS discover new STD DEADLIER than AIDS, time to zip up folks!

There is a new sexually transmitted superbug that experts say may be more deadly that AIDS.

According to a CNBC report, an antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea is more aggressive than the HIV virus, which means the potential to infect the public will be greater.

Like most STDs, gonorrhea is usually transmitted through unprotected sexual contact and if left untreated, can cause severe medical complications, such as infertility in women, debilitating pain, sterility in men and life threatening heart infections.

Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, thinks this new strain has the power to rack up more fatalities than AIDS. To date, more than the 30 million people have already died worldwide from AIDS-related complications.

“Getting gonorrhea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days,” said Christianson. “This is very dangerous.”
that sentiment. “It’s an emergency situation. As time moves on, it’s getting more hazardous,” said Smith.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, though no cases of the superbug officially called H041 were found in the US, steps must be taken to deal with the potential risks.

Gonorrhea can go undetected in some affected by the disease, showing no outward symptoms in about half of women and in 5 percent of men, which adds another level of difficulty in getting ahead of it.

This strain of STD which is resistant to antibiotic, reportedly kills half of those exposed and infects one in 20 hospital patients—which raises the threat of an outbreak to emergency levels.

Then there is the high cost of combating sexually transmitted diseases in general. The CDC’s tally to treat 20 million cases annually is approximately $16 billion. Of that 20 million STD cases, a reported 800,000 between the ages of 15 to 24, are infected with gonorrhea.

Even more alarming, some doctors believe the STD war is too costly to win.

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Rick Ross Buys Evander Holyfield’s $10 Million Mansion

It’s being reported that Rick Ross recently copped Evander Holyfield’s 109 room mansion in Fayetteville. Listed at $10 Million, the “largest single family home in GA” is 54,000 square feet and sits on 105 acres.
Amenities include a 350,000 gallon pool,a bowling alley and a baseball field. Holyfield lost the home due to foreclosure last year. -xxl-

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World’s dirtiest man seeks life partner. Any Single Ladies Interested??


The world’s dirtiest man now says he is lonely and is seeking a life partner.

Mr Amou Haji told the Tehran Times on Thursday that he would be much happier if a woman fell in love with him.

Haji, 80, made headlines earlier in the week when he revealed that he had not taken a bath in the last 60 years.

The man who lives in isolation in Dejgah village in the Southern Iranian province of Fars subsists on rotten porcupine meat, and says the thought of a bath after all this time makes him very angry.
He said he adopted his extreme, isolated lifestyle after suffering emotional setbacks in his youth.

In a widely publicized interview with the Newspaper, Haji said that despite his queer lifestyle, he hopes someone will come forth and fulfill his heart’s desire. “You know it can get very lonely out here,” he said Thursday.

Amou Haji is also known to eat rotten porcupine meat with relish and has other unorthodox habits.

The old man claims he started living away from society after he went through emotional setbacks when he was young man.

Haji, who lives in a hole in the ground, much like a grave, says this keeps him grounded and in touch with the reality of life. “Sometimes he sleeps in an open brick shack that we the villagers constructed for him out of pity,” said a man who claimed to know Haji well.

Locally, he is known as Amou Haji. ‘Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man.
Neigbous say he hates contact with water and believes being clean will make him weak and sick. Even the suggestion of a bath makes him very angry. This lifestyle has, over the years, made him look like dirt itself.

He has managed to completely blend in with his surroundings, with fellow villagers saying that it is sometimes easy to mistake him for a rock statue if he sits very still.

And It’s not just bathing that Haji dislikes. His disgust for fresh food and clean drinking water is unmistakable. Instead, he prefers his favorite meal of rotten porcupine meat. He drinks 5 liters of water a day for health purposes, but only from a large rusty oil can.

Oddly, the old man likes to fill his smoking pipe with animal feces instead of tobacco. And he doesn’t use clippers to trim his hair. Instead, he just burns it off over an open flame. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter.

The latest revelation makes him the dirtiest person on earth, taking the title from the previous holder – an Indian man named Kailash Singh – who is on record as not having taken a bath for 38 years consecutive years.

Rihanna reveals tan lines as she poses topless for Vogue Brazil in beach photoshoot


Strutting topless on the beach, pouting Rihanna looks like she’s stepped straight off the pages of a lad’s mag.

But this isn’t FHM she’s posing for, but the highly respected fashion magazine Vogue – albeit the Brazilian edition.

The pop star was pictured in five different yet equally revealing outfits as she posed for a photographer on the Brazilian Island of Angra dos Reis.

Just small strips of tape obscured the singer’s nipples as she stood posing on the sand in the shots, taken last week.

For one series of pictures Rihanna wore a pair of gold boy short bikini bottoms, which she teamed with armfuls of bangles, and a colourful headscarf.

The 25-year-old stood smouldering at the photographer, giving her best pout.

Arms behind her head, she turned her back and gazed at the ocean as he snapped away.

Despite the large team surrounding her, holding shades and mirrors to light her face, scantily clad Rihanna seemed at ease in the spotlight.

Of course, coming as she does from the island nation of Barbados, we are used to seeing Rihanna strutting around in a bikini during her down time.

And it seemed she was equally relaxed doing so in front of the camera.

Throwing a white towel around herself the singer darted between locations for the shoot.

The hard-working star had jetted in via helicopter, carrying her own bags as she disembarked.

After a quick costume change, the still topless star posed in colourful patterned shorts and a floppy straw hat.

For a third shoot Rihanna donned strappy gold and black sandals, and a jacket and cap.

Still topless, she managed to break a smile as she laughed with her team between poses.

Next she stepped into the ocean wearing a black pair of bikini bottoms.

With a green shirt slipping down off her shoulder, she stood seductively half-submerged in the water.

Another image saw her don a transparent white vest, which she wore in the surf.

source-daily mail uk-




Afrobeats Friday at Voodo Lounge Dublin, Ireland

Flourish Entertainment In Association with
Shoemuzik Ireland / Moto Sana



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Hip Hop
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Justine Nantale

Dress Code : Classy & Sophisticated

Admission €10
( €5 before 11pm on Guest-list)

Free bottle of Moet Champagne with
every birthday booking on the night

VIP tables/packages also AVAILABLE!!!

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For Birthday Bookings / Guestlist / More Info
Tel : 0873109169, 0879617932, 0857033434
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Supported by
Africa World Newspaper

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Rick Ross Sues LMFAO for ‘Every Day I’m Shufflin”

Rozay says duo lifted the catch phrase from his 2006 debut song, “Hustlin’.”

The irony. Rick Ross, aka the mastermind who just won a lawsuit for creatively lifting someone else’s nickname, is now suing a pair of fellow artists for swagger-jacking his 2006 debut, “Hustlin’.”

According to, the suit, filed in Florida court, calls out LMFAO, Kobalt Music Publishing, and Kia Motors America for LMFAO’s 2010 song “Party Rock Anthem,” which contains the line, “every day I’m shufflin’.”

Says Rozay, the L.A.-based electro-pop duo purposely flipped his catchy hook, “every day I’m hustlin'” — even borrowing from the way he said it, with his signature gruff and all — and because of it, have sold millions of copies (7.5 million) and merchandise (the Party Rock Clothing line designed with the phrase emblazoned on T-shirts and such).

Further, it says in the court documents, the duo has been able to license the catchphrase for deals with TV programs, video games, advertisements and airlines.

Rozay wants the maximum ends he can see for that work, an “obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame” of his original song, he claims.

Meanwhile, Freeway Ricky Ross is probably somewhere grittin’ his teeth right now.

-Source BET-

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Marijuana Sales In Colorado Reach over $1 Million

I personally don’t smoke but I just thought this is news worthy of sharing.
If you didn’t know, recreational marijuana sales in Colorado are now legal. That means long lines, excited smokers and big sales. And in the the historic sales, pot shop owners across Colorado believe they collectively made more than $1 million statewide. How’s that for big business?

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