Rihanna reveals tan lines as she poses topless for Vogue Brazil in beach photoshoot


Strutting topless on the beach, pouting Rihanna looks like she’s stepped straight off the pages of a lad’s mag.

But this isn’t FHM she’s posing for, but the highly respected fashion magazine Vogue – albeit the Brazilian edition.

The pop star was pictured in five different yet equally revealing outfits as she posed for a photographer on the Brazilian Island of Angra dos Reis.

Just small strips of tape obscured the singer’s nipples as she stood posing on the sand in the shots, taken last week.

For one series of pictures Rihanna wore a pair of gold boy short bikini bottoms, which she teamed with armfuls of bangles, and a colourful headscarf.

The 25-year-old stood smouldering at the photographer, giving her best pout.

Arms behind her head, she turned her back and gazed at the ocean as he snapped away.

Despite the large team surrounding her, holding shades and mirrors to light her face, scantily clad Rihanna seemed at ease in the spotlight.

Of course, coming as she does from the island nation of Barbados, we are used to seeing Rihanna strutting around in a bikini during her down time.

And it seemed she was equally relaxed doing so in front of the camera.

Throwing a white towel around herself the singer darted between locations for the shoot.

The hard-working star had jetted in via helicopter, carrying her own bags as she disembarked.

After a quick costume change, the still topless star posed in colourful patterned shorts and a floppy straw hat.

For a third shoot Rihanna donned strappy gold and black sandals, and a jacket and cap.

Still topless, she managed to break a smile as she laughed with her team between poses.

Next she stepped into the ocean wearing a black pair of bikini bottoms.

With a green shirt slipping down off her shoulder, she stood seductively half-submerged in the water.

Another image saw her don a transparent white vest, which she wore in the surf.

source-daily mail uk-





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