RIP Johnny Lyons


Just woke up to sad news.. My Friend Johnny Lyons , Head of 98 Fm Sports just passed away. This is shocking news to me 😦 . He helped and motivated me when I started working for FRQ Fm. We always had such a laugh. Especially when he shares his travels experiences in Kenya and we exchange notes about the best bars, nightclubs etc. We were even planning to be the next  millionaires soon as we sold his classic Kenyan paintings he inherited from his grandad. Johnny was such a good friend. He truly encouraged me everyday i see him. He also liked the food i cooked and shared in the studios. Something was missing if I walk in the studio and Johnny was not on his desk. Im really going to miss him dearly. #RIP my Friend Johnny.


MOBB DEEP Live in Dublin Ireland !!

Bloodshed Records IncΒ Presents the Legendary Queens group The Infamous Mobb Deep, playing live in Dublin For the first time ever.


Mobb Deep live in Dublin. FRI 1st AUG. At Voodoo Lounge, Dublin. Standard tickets €22.50. VIP tickets €50. Get your ticket Now at

Mobb Deep is an American hip hop duo from Queensbridge, Queens, New York, that consists of Havoc and Prodigy. The duo is “one of the most critically acclaimed hardcore East Coast Hip-Hop groups.The group is best known for its dark, hardcore delivery as exemplified by the single “Shook Ones Pt. II. Mobb Deep has become one of the most successful rap duos in hip hop, having sold over three million records.

Two of their albums have been critically acclaimed, The Infamous and Hell on Earth, both of which are considered to be classics among avid Hip-Hop listeners and general fans.They are partially credited for the resurgence of East Coast rap in the early to mid-1990s. The group briefly disbanded in 2012 after a feud broke out between its members, but that has since been resolved and they have reunited for a 20th anniversary tour and new self-titled album.Their eighth studio album The Infamous Mobb Deep was released on April 1, 2014.

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LEL Brothas & DJ Unknown Live in Dublin!!

LEL Brothas & DJ Unknown Live in Dublin, Ireland at the Voodoo Lounge (39-40 Arran Quay, Dublin 7).
FRIDAY 13th JUNE 2014.


Support on the night comes from Dj Spaqz , Royal Flush, Inkclusive & 5th Element. €10 entry on the door or from doors open at 11pm.


The LEL Brothas – This rap duo is comprised of DJ Clone and Nytmare. Although there are two official members the LEL Brothas never go far without hype man CB5. Formed in 2006 in Prescott Valley, Arizona, all three rappers are originally from Southern California.

In 2007 they were signed to JWM Records by super producer Wade Martin ( With their Freshmen album the LEL Brothas charted #54 of the top 102 songs of the year for 2007 in the Southwest United States. This album also smashed internet charts and quickly gained the LEL Brothas repsect in the USA music scene.

With the release of their Sophomore album “the Epidemic” in mid 2010, the LEL Brothas were thrust into their first world tour. The LEL Brothas have headlined shows in over 10 country’s worldwide and have performed on more then 500 stages with many other A-list artists.

In 2011 the LEL Brothas were also name Ambassadors of the American music culture by the USA State Department for being the first American Hiphop group to EVER perform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a closed country where public concerts are against the law.

In 2012 the LEL Brothas hit song “Hatas” was licensed and released on the blockbuster video game “Rockband 3,” in which this video game sold over 1.5 Million Copy’s worldwide.

With repeat tours of the Middle East in 2013 and 2014 the LEL Brothas are quickly climbing the ranks of the music industry to those of the elite. The LEL Brothas are currently working on their third album “Pandemic” with Super Producer Wade Martin in the number 1 ranked studio in the world in Las Vegas. Pandemic is scheduled for release in 2014 and has many exciting features.

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DJ Unknown – DJ Unknown, originally from Rochester New York, emerged onto the music scene in the early 2000’s. He was quickly recognized as one of the select DJ’s for progressive Hip hop on a national level within the United States.

Quickly after getting his “break” in the music industry, DJ Unknown noticed the difficulty’s and struggles of unsigned artists who were trying to make a name for themselves, but were having trouble gaining credibility to be booked by major establishments. Seeing this in 2005 he launched Artist Auditions ( which is an international firm that takes unsigned artists from around the world and places them on national and international shows with A-List artists.

To date DJ Unknown has been the official concert DJ for DMX, KRS One, Keak Da Sneak, Soulja Boy, YC, Kirko Bangz, Keith Murray, Cormega, Junior Reid and finally the LEL Brothas.

DJ Unknown has also worked with Lil Wayne, TI, Young Jeezy, Juicy, Yellawolf, J Cole, The Game, Too Short, E40, Kendrick Lamar, Lloyd Banks, Machine Gun Kelly, Push T, Waka Flocka, DJ Quick,Slick Rick, Talib Kweli and Kid Ink.

in 2012 DJ Unknown linked up with the hit American hiphop group the LEL Brothas and became their official DJ and has been touring with them since.

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World’s dirtiest man seeks life partner. Any Single Ladies Interested??


The world’s dirtiest man now says he is lonely and is seeking a life partner.

Mr Amou Haji told the Tehran Times on Thursday that he would be much happier if a woman fell in love with him.

Haji, 80, made headlines earlier in the week when he revealed that he had not taken a bath in the last 60 years.

The man who lives in isolation in Dejgah village in the Southern Iranian province of Fars subsists on rotten porcupine meat, and says the thought of a bath after all this time makes him very angry.
He said he adopted his extreme, isolated lifestyle after suffering emotional setbacks in his youth.

In a widely publicized interview with the Newspaper, Haji said that despite his queer lifestyle, he hopes someone will come forth and fulfill his heart’s desire. β€œYou know it can get very lonely out here,” he said Thursday.

Amou Haji is also known to eat rotten porcupine meat with relish and has other unorthodox habits.

The old man claims he started living away from society after he went through emotional setbacks when he was young man.

Haji, who lives in a hole in the ground, much like a grave, says this keeps him grounded and in touch with the reality of life. β€œSometimes he sleeps in an open brick shack that we the villagers constructed for him out of pity,” said a man who claimed to know Haji well.

Locally, he is known as Amou Haji. β€˜Amou’ is the Farsi term of endearment for a kind old man.
Neigbous say he hates contact with water and believes being clean will make him weak and sick. Even the suggestion of a bath makes him very angry. This lifestyle has, over the years, made him look like dirt itself.

He has managed to completely blend in with his surroundings, with fellow villagers saying that it is sometimes easy to mistake him for a rock statue if he sits very still.

And It’s not just bathing that Haji dislikes. His disgust for fresh food and clean drinking water is unmistakable. Instead, he prefers his favorite meal of rotten porcupine meat. He drinks 5 liters of water a day for health purposes, but only from a large rusty oil can.

Oddly, the old man likes to fill his smoking pipe with animal feces instead of tobacco. And he doesn’t use clippers to trim his hair. Instead, he just burns it off over an open flame. An old war helmet keeps his head warm during the winter.

The latest revelation makes him the dirtiest person on earth, taking the title from the previous holder – an Indian man named Kailash Singh – who is on record as not having taken a bath for 38 years consecutive years.

Rihanna reveals tan lines as she poses topless for Vogue Brazil in beach photoshoot


Strutting topless on the beach, pouting Rihanna looks like she’s stepped straight off the pages of a lad’s mag.

But this isn’t FHM she’s posing for, but the highly respected fashion magazine Vogue – albeit the Brazilian edition.

The pop star was pictured in five different yet equally revealing outfits as she posed for a photographer on the Brazilian Island of Angra dos Reis.

Just small strips of tape obscured the singer’s nipples as she stood posing on the sand in the shots, taken last week.

For one series of pictures Rihanna wore a pair of gold boy short bikini bottoms, which she teamed with armfuls of bangles, and a colourful headscarf.

The 25-year-old stood smouldering at the photographer, giving her best pout.

Arms behind her head, she turned her back and gazed at the ocean as he snapped away.

Despite the large team surrounding her, holding shades and mirrors to light her face, scantily clad Rihanna seemed at ease in the spotlight.

Of course, coming as she does from the island nation of Barbados, we are used to seeing Rihanna strutting around in a bikini during her down time.

And it seemed she was equally relaxed doing so in front of the camera.

Throwing a white towel around herself the singer darted between locations for the shoot.

The hard-working star had jetted in via helicopter, carrying her own bags as she disembarked.

After a quick costume change, the still topless star posed in colourful patterned shorts and a floppy straw hat.

For a third shoot Rihanna donned strappy gold and black sandals, and a jacket and cap.

Still topless, she managed to break a smile as she laughed with her team between poses.

Next she stepped into the ocean wearing a black pair of bikini bottoms.

With a green shirt slipping down off her shoulder, she stood seductively half-submerged in the water.

Another image saw her don a transparent white vest, which she wore in the surf.

source-daily mail uk-




Afrobeats Friday at Voodo Lounge Dublin, Ireland

Flourish Entertainment In Association with
Shoemuzik Ireland / Moto Sana



39-40 Arran Quay
Dublin 7

10pm Till Late

DJ Daley
DJ Spaqz
DJ Shoemuzik
DJ Guy

Playing all the best in
Hip Hop
Funky House

Justine Nantale

Dress Code : Classy & Sophisticated

Admission €10
( €5 before 11pm on Guest-list)

Free bottle of Moet Champagne with
every birthday booking on the night

VIP tables/packages also AVAILABLE!!!

β˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…Lots of goodies to giveawayβ˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…


For Birthday Bookings / Guestlist / More Info
Tel : 0873109169, 0879617932, 0857033434
BB Pin:2A04363C 25BEE3B3 2A20C367

Supported by
Africa World Newspaper

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White and Black Slaves in the Sugar Plantations of Barbados. None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot.
The first slaves imported into the American colonies were 100 White children. They arrived during Easter, 1619, four months before the arrival of a the first shipment of Black slaves.Mainstream histories refer to these laborers as indentured servants, not slaves, because many agreed to work for a set period of time in exchange for land and rights.

Yet in reality, indenture was enslavement, since slavery applies to any person who is bought and sold, chained and abused, whether for a decade or a lifetime. Many white people died long before their indenture ended or found that no court would back them when their owners failed to deliver on promises.Tens of thousands of convicts, beggars, homeless children and other undesirable English, Scottish, and Irish lower class were transported to America against their will to the Americas on slave ships. YES SLAVE SHIPS.

Many of the white slaves were brought from Ireland, where the law held that it was ?no more sin to kill an Irishman than a dog or any other brute.? The European rich class caused a lot of suffering to these people , even if they were white like them.In 1676, there was a huge slave rebellion in Virginia. Black and white slaves burned Jamestown to the ground. Hundreds died. The planters feared a re-occurence. Their solution was to divide the races against each other. They instilled a sense of superiority in the white slaves and degraded the black slaves. White slaves were given new rights; their masters could not whip them naked without a court order,etc. White slaves whose daily condition was no different from that of Blacks, were taught that they belonged to a superior people. The races were given different clothing. Living quarters were segregated for the first time. But the whites were still slaves.

In the 17th Century, from 1600 until 1699, there were many more Irish sold as slaves than Africans. There are records of Irish slaves well into the 18th Century.Many never made it off the ships. According to written record, in at least one incident 132 slaves, men, women, and children, were dumped overboard to drown because ships’ supplies were running low. They were drowned because the insurance would pay for an “accident,” but not if the slaves were allowed to starve.
Typical death rates on the ships were from 37% to 50%.In the West Indies, the African and Irish slaves were housed together, but because the African slaves were much more costly, they were treated much better than the Irish slaves. Also, the Irish were Catholic, and Papists were hated among the Protestant planters. An Irish slave would endure such treatment as having his hands and feet set on fire or being strung up and beaten for even a small infraction. Richard Ligon, who witnessed these things first-hand and recorded them in a history of Barbados he published in 1657, stated:”Truly, I have seen cruelty there done to servants as I did not think one Christian couldhave done to another.”(5)According to Sean O’Callahan, in To Hell or Barbados, Irish men and women were inspected like cattle there, just as the Africans were.

In addition, Irish slaves, who were harder to distinguish from their owners since they shared the same skin color, were branded with the owner’s initials, the women on the forearm and the men on the buttocks. O’Callahan goes on to say that the women were not only sold to the planters as sexual slaves but were often sold to local brothels as well. He states that the black or mulatto overseers also often forced the women to strip while working in the fields and often used them sexually as well.(6)The one advantage the Irish slaves had over the African slaves was that since they were literate and they did not survive well in the fields, they were generally used as house servants, accountants, and teachers. But the gentility of the service did not correlate to the punishment for infractions.

Flogging was common, and most slave owners did not really care if they killed an easily replaceable, cheap Irish slave.While most of these slaves who survived were eventually freed after their time of service was completed, many leaving the islands for the American colonies, many were not, and the planters found another way to insure a free supply of valuable slaves. They were quick to “find solace” and start breeding with the Irish slave women. Many of them were very pretty, but more than that, while most of the Irish were sold for only a period of service, usually about 10 years assuming they survived, their children were born slaves for life.

The planters knew that most of the mothers would remain in servitude to remain with their children even after their service was technically up.The planters also began to breed the Irish women with the African male slaves to make lighter skinned slaves, because the lighter skinned slaves were more desirable and could be sold for more money. A law was passed against this practice in 1681, not for moral reasons but because the practice was causing the Royal African Company to lose money. According to James F. Cavanaugh, this company, sent 249 shiploads of slaves to the West Indies in the 1680’s, a total of 60,000 African and Irish, 14,000 of whom died in passage.(7)While the trade in Irish slaves tapered off after the defeat of King James in 1691, England once again shipped out thousands of Irish prisoners who were taken after the Irish Rebellion of 1798.

These prisoners were shipped to America and to Australia, specifically to be sold as slaves.No Irish slave shipped to the West Indies or America has ever been known to have returned to Ireland. Many died, either in passage or from abuse or overwork. Others won their freedom and emigrated to the American colonies. Still others remained in the West Indies, which still contain an population of “Black Irish,” many the descendents of the children of black slaves and Irish slaves.In 1688, the first woman killed in Cotton Mather’s witch trials in Massachusetts was an old Irish woman named Anne Glover, who had been captured and sold as a slave in 1650.

She spoke no English. She could recite The Lord’s Prayer in Gaelic and Latin, but without English, Mather decided her Gaelic was discourse with the devil, and hung her.It was not until 1839 that a law was passed in England ending the slave trade, and thus the trade in Irish slaves.It is unfortunate that, while the descendents of black slaves have kept their history alive and not allowed their atrocity to be forgotten, the Irish heritage of slavery in America and the West Indies has been largely ignored or forgotten.

It is my hope that this article will help in some small way to change that and to commemoratethese unfortunate people.NOTES) John P. Prendergast, The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland, Dublin, ?, 1865(2) Ibid.(3) See, for example, Thomas Addis Emmet, Ireland Under English Rule, NY & London,Putnam, 1903(4) Prendergast, The Conwellian Settlment of Ireland(5) Richard Ligon, A True and Exact History of Barbadoes, London,Cass, 1657, reprinted 1976(6)Sean O’Callaghan, To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland, (Dingle, Ireland: Brandon, 2001)(6) James F. Cavanaugh, Clan Chief Herald(7) For Mather’s account of the case, see Cotton Mather, Memorable Providences, Relating ToWitchcrafts And Possessions (1689)

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