Mobb Deep in Dublin Ireland [VIDEO & Pics]


The show was fantastic!! I know im a bit late on the update but its better late than never!!!!

This show was made possible by Bloodshed Records and it was in Voodoo Lounge, Dublin 7.


Soundcheck was good and Havoc and SkiBeats showed up and we had some mad fun in Voodoo. We also decided to hit the streets of Dublin and see whats good. We also visited local barber shop called Ceaser which is on Parnell Street, Dublin. I did not shave my hair though but Havoc and Skibeats did and they were delighted.

10550914_10152287387712151_3694369857061096051_n10574212_10152287384952151_9037187628441423286_n (1) 10574212_10152287384952151_9037187628441423286_n 10577126_10152287384942151_627352565417867340_n

The show was amazing and the nite started with Irish rappers doing their thing and they were all awesome and the crowd loved it. It took a while before Mobb Deep got on stage but soon after they stepped up the crowd went wild and Mobb Deep did not disappoint. The Audience were singing alont to each and every tune they blazed. The place become hot and I personally took my shirt out so if you see any photos of me topless don’t get surprised, lol.

10583038_10153091907542576_2202812381405219295_o 10562591_10153078056917576_7732056970988863552_o 10561629_10152287384947151_6293596746592724958_n 10557569_10153078050172576_6432705514288413196_o 10553961_10153077780137576_1489254322969082012_o 10544242_10153078056657576_3066856803479092015_o 10532755_10153078035607576_2841876796107126811_o 10515318_10153078048242576_8095822164120749221_o 10497364_10153078047227576_6342775247551918569_o 10497185_10153080910967576_6139902613722784079_o 10495577_10153095285842576_7293867361982966418_o (1) 10382153_10152307179812151_730117687571815549_n 10380857_10153078037552576_3334218489864068387_o 10355583_10153078036737576_6109378446333678494_o 1888783_10153078056587576_3769357895651002548_o 1601895_10153095286202576_8174530666691284563_o 1537761_10153078047897576_1377299277528957342_o

These looks like fun doesn’t it? I know you are gagging for more so I will not leave you hanging……. Here is an eclusive video interview that Mobb Deep did in Dublin. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @djSpaqz and like My facebook Page DJ SPAQZ. Also download and listen to my Radio Shows and Mixtapes on . ENJOY!!!!!!



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