The Most Regrettable Rapper Tattoos Of All Time. I HAVE ONE MYSELF!!


Rappers and tattoos go together like beats and rhymes. It’s rare that you see one without the other. Your favorite rapper probably has at least some semblance of body art on his or her flesh, and many have seen more ink than an octopus.

Some tattoos are good and some are just downright terribly, horribly, and regrettably bad. The former is something along the lines of Tupac’s infamous “Thug Life” tattoo. The abdominal tat was simple, declarative, well done, and could be covered up with just about anything besides a crop top.

Many are poorly drawn and most have either been crossed out and/or covered up. Whatever the case, all of them are prominently placed, permanently visible mistakes. Hopefully their parents will understand. Here is our list of the most regrettable rapper tattoos of all time.



Flo RidaJimi Hendrix

From the top of his massive shoulder to his equally big bicep, Flo Rida has a tattoo of Rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Unfortunately, Hendrix looks more like a Beatle with a wilted Afro.His facial features aren’t defined and neither is his iconic wild hair.

Poor artwork aside, it seems strange that the pop rapper responsible for songs like “Low” and “Right Round” would get a tattoo of a major figure of ’60s counter-culture. When asked about it in a 2009 interview, Rida had this to say:“[Hendrix] kinda reminds me of myself, very laid back, but when he gets on the stage he’s electrifying… If I had to go with anyone tattooed on my arm, I had to get something different, so I chose Jimi.”

If he’d just used Google, Rida would’ve seen the hundreds of “different” Hendrix tats out there. He also might’ve found a better tattoo artist.



The Game – Butterfly

First it was a butterfly that The Game said was supposed to signify “new life.” Then he said it looked like a “moth” and attempted to cover it with the L.A. Dodgers logo. With the moth-fly still slightly visible, The Game stamped a permanent giant red star over it. As far as we can tell, the latest edition of the tat probably symbolizes The Game’s belief that he’s the star of L.A. rap.

In 2011, when talking to VladTV about face tats The Game said, “Know what you want to get.” With not one, but two cover-ups, you’d think all he’d have to do was point and shake his head.



Iggy Azalea – Live.Love.A$AP

The Australian-born Iggy Azalea dated New York’s A$AP Rocky for a brief period between 2011 and 2012. The two were so taken with one another that Azalea claims they got tats signifying their affection. Though Rocky’s supposed tat isn’t visible, Azalea inked the title of Rocky’s debut mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, on three of her fingers.

After the two rappers split, Azalea had the “A$AP” on her pinky permanently crossed out. Whether or not she and Rocky get back together, Azalea’s tat gives a whole new meaning to the term “Ex.”



Jermaine DupriJanet Jackson

Though Dupri isn’t technically a rapper these days, he’s rapped before (see: “Money Ain’t A Thang”), and has produced for a number of rappers over the years. In 2009, while still dating Janet Jackson, Dupri inked a portrait of her on his torso. The tat was reported to be in honor of Jackson’s 43rd birthday.

Then, after seven years of dating, the two parted ways. Though Jackson has said that she and Dupri remain friends and still “talk,” we’re sure Dupri remembers what he went through for that tattoo. Whether or not he’s made any changes the body art since the breakup remains unreported, but hopefully his future girlfriends will understand.



T-Pain – Facebook

Most people go to Hawaii for the weather, the beach, and the waves. T-Pain, everyone’s favorite “rapper ternt sanga,” goes for tattoos. “I get a tat every time I come to Hawaii,” Pain said on Twitter back in 2011 when he posted a photo of the tat on his arm. “I think this one’s pretty sweet, unless Facebook shuts down soon.”

Judging by the tweet, T-Pain clearly has doubts about his topical body art. A small part of him must know that the likelihood of Facebook still being around when he hits middle age is low. For his sake, hopefully auto-tune will be.



Birdman – 5 Red Stars

Though there’s only one red star in the picture, Cash Money co-founder/rapper and record producer Baby (Birdman) now has a total of five red stars on his head

Maybe the stars signify his album 5 Star Stunna. Maybe they mean Baby feels his solo records deserve five stars, as they’ve rarely (or probably never) been rated that highly. Or maybe Baby is just a masochist. “It became a hobby,” Baby said of his body art fetish in an interview with Tim Westwood TV. “I love that pain. I love to feel that.”

Though the stars on his luminescent dome seem bright and shiny now, it’s only a matter of time and aging before they become dimmed and wrinkly. But if Baby has any regrets when that day comes, maybe he can get someone to donate some hair for a wig.



 Gucci Mane  – Ice Cream Cone

Gucci’s ice cream cone face tattoo is probably one of the most widely known of all rap related tats. The three scoops, the lightning bolts, and his signature “Brrr” ad-lib on the cone — it’s an oddity, to say the least. In 2011, long before he was in Spring Breakers, Gucci told MTV the tattoo represented the fact that he believed he was “the coldest MC in the game.” We think the ice cream cone might be an early marketing campaign for some chain of ice cream franchises Gucci plans to launch in the near future, though we’re still not sure about the lightning bolts. Gucci has yet to remove the tat, and therefore still believes he is the “coldest MC.”



Yung LA – Pink Duck

You have to be a certain type of rapper to get a pink duck tatted on your face. Former Grand Hustle artist Yung LA got said face tat back in 2011, just after splitting with the label.

LA initially claimed the duck had something to do with the “Duct Tape” movement where he’s from in Atlanta. However Alley Boy and Big Bank Black, rappers and CEOs of Duct Tape Entertainment, believe the tat had a strong resemblance to their label’s logo. Both felt it was disrespectful, as LA apparently had no affiliation with the label.

LA has since covered up the duck with a large “LA” logo. Given his predilection for body art, Yung LA will probably get many more face tats. As for the future of this seemingly popular pink duck, someone might want to snatch him up for a cartoon series and really cash in.



Gorilla Zoe – Money Talks

Gorilla Zoe has a tattoo of hundred-dollar bill on his vocal chords with the words “Money Talks” emblazoned beneath it. As if that weren’t self-explanatory, Zoe says it’s because “every time [he] spits, it’s worth money.” With nearly all of his mixtapes available for free and his often poorly selling albums few and far between, hopefully Zoe gets paid more than $100 every time he raps. If Chris Tucker or Charlie Sheen ever decide to come after Zoe for copyright infringement, he’ll need every cent.


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