Miley Cyrus: Sometimes in life, you gotta decide ……. OK TEACHER!!

We could’ve guessed that Miley Cyrus doesn’t really care about the public’s perception, but the singer has since confirmed that on Twitter.

After her smoke session at the MTV EMAs on Sunday, Cyrus told her 15 million-plus followers that “sometimes in life you just gotta decide to not give AF.”

For those who don’t converse in text-speak, AF is profane shorthand for not giving a “f***” – or DGAF, as the kids like to say.

MTV, on the other hand, apparently cared very much about Cyrus lighting up on stage: the network didn’t air her puffing during its broadcast on the flagship channel. Cyrus, having gotten wind of the edit, told her fans that they could “go online and watch what really went down at the EMAs!”

Although some have criticized Cyrus’ apparent toking, the 20-year-old is feeling just fine.

“So much fun last night!” she tweeted on November 11. “Amsterdam you’re the dopesssst thank you for always being so good to me.”

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